What makes great productivity apps?

We believe that the best mobile apps live in the intersection of three components: problem-solving, usability and design. It must fulfill a need, it must be easy to use and it must be beautiful. The real challenge is to balance this equation to create must-have iPhone apps.

Solving a problem comes first

A product that has form over function is nothing besides something pleasant to look at. Everyone recalls a beautiful product that worked poorly. Useful apps first must work as expected, the rest comes later.

Wrapped beautifully with great design

All great productivity apps have something in common: pleasant aesthetics. This is the last phase of our product development process. After everything is working as expected, we wrap it up with a beautiful design.

Usability is when you don't have to think

An mobile app must be intuitive and easy to use. It is when you spend little or no time learning. When you can use it right off the bat, enjoying a smooth user experience.

There is no ceiling for improvement

Unlike many, we don't create apps that are never updated. We strongly encourage our dear users to keep in touch and provide feedback. Refinement is essential and a never-ending process. For us, success is when our apps make your life a little bit easier.

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Productivity apps

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Productivity apps

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